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Government Stimulus Check | How To Get New $1400 Stimulus Check Update?

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As many Americans sit on the sidelines waiting on the 3rd Government Stimulus Check, one this is quite certain “WE ALL COULD USE IT!”

Will I owe taxes on the 3rd stimulus payment?

No, you will not owe taxes on your payment. The legislation specifically states the payment will not be taxed.

What if my circumstances changed since the first stimulus payment?

Don’t worry, you can indicate changes to income, filing status, or dependent information when you file your 2020 tax return and potentially receive additional money as a refund.

What if my spouse has passed away and I filed as Married Filing Jointly for 2019?

If your spouse passed away in 2019 and you filed jointly, only you and qualifying children will be eligible for second stimulus payments.

How much will my third stimulus check/payment be?

Our stimulus payment calculator can help you estimate how much you may receive!

Who is eligible to receive a 3RD government stimulus check?

The same eligibility rules apply to the Third stimulus check payment as the first one. You must have a valid Social Security number, and you can’t have been claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2019 tax return. In general, taxpayers without an eligible Social Security number are not eligible for the payment. However, this new law allows households with different immigration and citizenship statuses to be eligible to receive $1400 per individual and $1400 per child with Social Security numbers.

Where can I find more information on stimulus payments?

You can learn more at the IRS Economic Impact Payment Information Center.

Why is my stimulus payment a different amount than I expected?

Eligibility for stimulus payments is determined by the IRS based on your adjusted gross income (AGI). Adjusted gross income (AGI) is your gross income like wages, salaries, or interest, minus adjustments for eligible deductions like student loan interest or your IRA deduction. Your AGI can be found on line 8b of your 2019 Form 1040. If you have an AGI of up to $75,000 ($150,000 married filing jointly), you could be eligible for the full amount of the recovery rebate. As your AGI increases over $75,000 ($150,000 married filing jointly), the stimulus amount will go down. This means that if your AGI is over these amounts, you will not receive the full amount of the stimulus payment.

What are the income thresholds for the third stimulus?

Currently, to receive the full amount, your 2019 Adjusted Gross Income must be below the following amounts for your tax filing status:

  • If you filed married filing jointly, your household income must be below $150,000
  • If you filed as Head-of-Household, your income must be below $112,500
  • If you filed single individual or married filing separately or as a Qualified Widow, your income must be below $75,000

If your AGI was more than the amounts above, the credit will be reduced by $5 for each $100 over the limit. For example, if you filed single with no children and your AGI was $85,000 in 2019, your check amount would be $100.  Our stimulus payment calculator can help you estimate how much you may receive!

How do I update my IRS information?

If, the IRS Get My Payment website is not accepting any updates. Find the latest on the Get My Payment tool and related stimulus payment information.


Some try to say that the Government Stimulus Check is an entitlement check, however they are dead wrong.

Many hard working Americans have played by the rules and payed their taxes willingly or unwilling.

Unfortunately, these same hard working people now have to turn to the government to help them out thru this pandemic.

So, when people say the poor just want more free Government Stimulus Check handout, they really should look at who is really help moving this country forward.



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